Located just 7 kilometres south of Nyons, Vinsobres is situated on a small hill in the area of Provence.

It’s about an hour north-east of Avignon (which has a Train à Grande Vitesse TGV, “high-speed train” station), less than 2 hours to Marseilles and 40 minutes from the nearest TGV station at Montelimar. Paris is only 2 hours 40 minutes by TGV to Avignon, and 2 hours 20 minutes to Montelimar.


The area of Provence is truly a place for all seasons. In March the spring flowers push through; April sees the fruit blossom; May the vines burst into leaf (greening everywhere), and the first strawberries and cherries turn up in the markets. More fruit and salads in June – and the hillsides are cloaked in lavender. July and August are high season – with village’s fetes, music festivals, and more. And there’s always a breeze to cool things off.